INSPIRE ME - Mab Graves

I first found Mab Graves work on Instagram and immediately started following her. Her work is very dreamy and surreal, with soft colour palettes and contrasting dark shadows.

I love when an artists designs are so individual that you could spot them in a crowd, Mab Graves is a great example of this.

Her website says 'Her work is inspired deeply by science, 60's space culture, fairy tales and old classic literature. She adores narrative and all her works have deep symbolism and stories'

As a fan of fairytales, whimsical images, outer space and dinosaurs my interests are portrayed through her work a lot.

Graves uses her Instagram posts as a diary of her own life as well as her art and the progression of both. This is very similar to how I would like to show my work so you can get to know me, what I'm thinking and why.

Graves has recently collaborated with Kidrobot to create her own Dunny. Dunny's are a collectible pop art toy which feature designs by artists from across the globe. I really enjoy Kidrobot's idea of creating a shape to which everyone can display their design to their own taste, creating such a variety of work with the same goal.

She explained how she based her design on old work as well as her love for the soft toys, Sylvanian Families.

Although I am not an illustrator or painter I appreciate and love all types of art and artistic styles that are different from my own. Graves uses colour palettes that I would love to use within my work. She also bases her work on narrative which is something that gives me many ideas to play around with.

Thanks for reading and have fun creating -

Poppy x