Top 3 High Waisted Jeans 2016


Finding the right jeans is a tough one. Everyone has individual styles, body shapes and activities that need to fit with their jean criteria. Lately I've been wearing high waisted jeans, they're comfy and they are easy to style up or down. I've narrowed my favourites down to three, I hope this will help in your hunt for the perfect jeans.
Top 3 Highwaisted Jeans 2016
3. Primark High Waisted Jeans, I think these retail at £10 however they have plenty of variations.

These jeans definitely rival No. 2 (Topshop Joni Jeans). Firstly the are cheap as hell, no one can complain about their price. They are very true to size and are stretchy. The only reasons I've put these at No. 3 is because they can stretch and not ping back, my black jeans have faded considerably and the back pockets hang low so they can make your bum look less perky.

2. Topshop MOTO Joni Jeans, £36.

These are very similar to No. 3. They aren't as stretchy (which could be a pro or con) but this does mean they are sturdier. They don't wear through as quickly as the Primark versions, although they can fade and start to bag, my last pair lasted me a good year and a half.

1. ASOS Rivington High Waisted Denim Jeggings, £26

These jeans were the best recommendation I have ever received. Sturdy and stretchy in all the right places, loads of colours that don't fade and well placed pockets. Plus I am more happy to spend £36 on a better quality, more comfortable trouser.

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Planning An Engagement Party

Today I wanted to do something that I've recently been doing myself. I thought maybe this could help any of you planning your first or any party for that matter!

1. Who is hosting?

Traditionally the brides parents host. However the day and age has changed and Rob and I are both independent and enjoy doing these things ourselves.

2. When?

Yet again we are going against the traditional which I think is more and more common now. Anyway the traditional way to do it is within a few months of the engagement and  9-11 months before the wedding. Rob and I got engaged back in November 2015 but we didn't want to have the party over Christmas that's why it's so delayed. However we aren't looking to have the wedding for a good while yet we have things we want to do before and places we want to go, so there is no rush.

3. Where?

We've decided to go for a venue, so it's more relaxed and not on a specific turf. This event will also be the first time our parents are meeting, so I think it's nice to do it on mutual ground.

We had a look around our local area and narrowed our choices down depending on our budget, if there was a bar, how many people could fit, if children were allowed and if we could decorate.

We have finally decided on a local bar in the centre of our hometown called The Printworks.

4. Who To Invite?

We are pretty casual about our invite list and we just want to have a good time. We aren't only inviting those who we think will come to the wedding as the wedding won't be any time soon.

We have around 65 people on our list so far, however some of my family aren't close by and there will always be people who can't attend.

5. Invitations

My dad is pretty computer savvy so we came up with an idea we liked and have decided to send out our invitations. I ordered some nice envelopes from eBay too.
. Receiving a letter in the post will never be outdated and the little things like personalising the invitations makes such a difference.

6. Food and Drink

Our venue comes with a bar so that's the drinks sorted. However for the food we are going to do a little buffet. We are starting the party after dinner time so I don't think we will put out too much, just enough to snack on. I'm taking the day off work to make a lot of it from home as it tastes so much better.

7. Theme

We have decided to go for a confetti/funfetti theme just to tie the invitations and party all in together. To get ideas I hunted through pinterest, I'll add some photos below to show you where our inspiration came from.

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P.S. I'll do an update once the party has been!